Event Driven Dashboards

This article helps outline an architecture using serverless components to create a build dashboard. All updates to this dashboard are triggered via events created by each build/deploy stage actions.

Terraform + AWS - Tips and Tricks

After spending a few months using Terraform I think its a good time to share my learnings from the experience. These are a few learnings from the terraform ecosystem. Enough to get started with atleast!

Disaster Recovery - The Automated Way

What if there was a way to keep an active DR running where failure of a primary site would seamlessly transfer the traffic to the secondary site. A few tips and tricks that can be used to setup a warm DR for an application hosted on AWS.

Enterprise Architecture

Motherhood, really, is about following the principles of enterprise architecture in your day to day life! (Well not all of it but a part of it anyway). And I can say from my experiences that a lot of it now makes more sense to me than it ever did.

SSL Redirection and Basic Auth in Varnish

Varnish has proven itself to be quite brilliant and blindingly fast when it comes to caching. This blog provides a decent solution where varnish can be used to honour cache headers churned out by the application, redirect all incoming requests to https and have basic auth in place.

AWS AMI - Instance store to EBS backed conversion

Often we find many useful AMIs as being instance store type. However, for the sake of maintaining state and backups its often best practice to use EBS backed AMIs. This write up gives a details description of how to convert an instance store AMI to EBS backed.

Load Balancing with SSL offloading - nginx + HAProxy

For simplest cases of load balancing, engineers rely on AWS ELBs/ALBs, F5s etc. But sometimes load balancing needs require a bit more engineering precision. The most robust self-managed load balancer configuration has been a mix of HAProxy and a web server, nginx in this case.

Nginx - Redirect vs Rewrite

More often than not there are times when the initial thought process around a product changes mid way through development and one might need to change the application URL. Read more to find out which method would be best suited for such a use case.

Blue/Green Deployments with AWS Cloudformation

Often in a DevOps oriented organisation, we come across terms like zero-downtime or blue/green deployments. The reasoning behind either is the same - no customer imapct during deployments. This blog articulates a possible way of performing blue green deployments while using AWS cloudformation.

MongoDB Backup and Restore using Knife Plugins

Knife is an orchestration tool that comes out of the box with Chef, which makes the Chef configuration management ecosystem very powerful. This write up has a couple of knife plugins that would help automate running MongoDB backups and restores.

Chef cookbook testing using vagrant

Its often very hard to test infrastructure and system level configuration, particularily becuase of the setup required to do so. This article provides a way to test infrastructure by using Vagrant. Needless to say the assumption is that the system setup is automated.